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Welcome to my site. Feel free to look around. I create in all forms of art from traditional to digital. I’m currently looking for employment at a studio, but will also do freelance and contract work.

I am currently going for my MFA in Animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. I received my BFA in Animation from the Art Institute of Atlanta. I love all things art. I love to learn and can’t get enough. I’m always looking to refine my skills to be a better artist. I am focusing on 3D modeling for my specialist trait, though I’m dabbling in everything to make myself more marketable. I’m constantly adding new skills to my tool box. I feel if it is best to know more than one area of the pipeline. Feel free to contact me at or 770-861-1124 for any freelance work or related positions. Links for both my contact information and resume are below.


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Amanda Kieffer